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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Princess Hats are almost all done

...and other things.

I put the veils on the yellow princess hats and decorated the white ones.  Are you sick of hearing about these princess hats yet?

Well, once the white ones are veiled you don't have to read about them anymore (unless I do another fair :) ).

Work is progressing on the Bride's bodice.  Today I cut, pinned and sewed the outer fabric onto the interlining.  The outer fabric is a beautiful blood red linen blend that came out of the dryer with almost no wrinkles.  I doubled over the seam allowance to give it a nice finish as I'm not using binding tape.  This way Kat (the bride) won't have to worry about any shedding threads from the edges.

Tomorrow I'm grommeting it and my Bride is coming over for a fitting so I can mark the area for the shoulder straps and get final measurements for the skirt part.

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