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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

YAY - The Princess Hats are done

Seriously, the 24 Princess hats are all decorated, veiled and packed in a box ready for NHRF.  Here are the white ones veiled.

Today was also Grommet Bashing day.  I don't particularly like putting in grommets, mostly because I can't seem to avoid hitting my thumb.  Sure enough, while bashing the grommets into the my 15th century Merchant bodice I slammed the hammer into my thumb knuckle.  Here is the finished bodice.

This picture is blurry but you get the shape of the bodice

I also did the grommets for the Bride's bodice.  She came over for a fitting to see if I had to make any more adjustments so on went the ugly fitting straps again.

I did the front closure ones and the front and back of where she wants the removable shoulder straps.  Tomorrow I will start on the skirted portion of the bodice.

So, that is how I spent my day.  Thankfully, no more Princess hats to work on.  I do need to start some "Pirate" head wraps for the boys.

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