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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Princess Hats and something new

So, there is no way I am going to finish the sleeves for my 15th Century Merchant garb for Saturday.  That's OK.  The rest of the outfit is ready and, according to the weather report, I'm not going to need them.

So, more princess hats.  I got 20 decorated today.  That leaves five more for tomorrow.  I also will need to veil them tomorrow.  Here they are.

I found some "My Little Pony" stickers and some "Disney Princess" stickers and ribbon.  So cool.

The something new is I'm making ribbon toys.  I bought four yard long dowels and cut two today.  I cut them a foot long then, after I sanded the ends down, glued a good length of satin ribbon to the end.  I got six done today in Green and purple.

I have six more to create tomorrow.  Then I'll be all set for the last weekend of the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire.  Come on down and say HI.  I'm up on the hill to the right.

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