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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Preparations for the Weekend

I'm vending at the Beltaine celebration at A Sacred Place this weekend.  I've been making preparations for the event and for camping.  As the Ez Up is 10' x 10' and I don't quite fill it, I'm setting up my cot in the back and blocking it off with curtains strung across the back on bungee cords.  I've got a 8oz canvas piece of 9' x 12' for a floor.

I've made two dozen little Mojo Bags.  One dozen is made of a material with a Peacock feather pattern and the other dozen is of an iridescent purple with stars and crescent moons.

Meanwhile the animals are helping.  Hector is supervising and Onyx is making sure the cot is safe.

Yes there is a Chihuahua in that pile

Not so sure three weekend events in a row is that smart but, well, you don't know until you have tried. 

In between enjoying your revelries this long weekend take a moment and remember our Service Men and Women who served and who still serve.  Spare a positive thought for them all.

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