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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NHRF prep

I bet you thought that I have been slacking off on my NHRF prep.  No, No, not me.  On Saturday I was at a cookout at the Bride's house.  We did a final fitting on the Bodice.  It looks really good on her.  I will post a picture of her in it at her wedding.  I just have to finish the shoulder straps and she is all set. 

On Sunday, the Beloved and I set up my two tents.  I bought a brand new Ez Up and, despite the advertising that seemed to say they were included, there were no walls in the box.  Grrrrrr, now I have to find walls.  My other tent looks good, I'm just going to use it as a sun shade the first weekend as I'm sharing space with Looking through Glass Painting, my lovely friend Jenn, on the second weekend.  So to the rescue comes my other lovely friend Kate, check out her stuff at Antika Nueva.  She has a spare set of walls.  Whew.  I ordered a set for myself on EBay.  They say they will be in Thursday, but I have a backup just in case.

On to yesterday.  I had to go up to JoAnn's Fabric to get some extra fabric for Pirate head wraps.  I got two really cute prints.  I have about a dozen wraps cut out.  Oh, and my two dozen fans came yesterday.  They are beautiful. 

So today I'm ironing the fabric and ironing down the hems and I think, why am I doing this then sewing it.  Out comes the Stitch Witchery and that's how I'm doing them.  It's cheating I know, but it gives you a nice clean hem and seals the cut edges.  I have five left to do and I need to get more Stitch Witchery.  That's an errand for tomorrow.  I have to go to the local Walmart to get some rope to tie down my tents also, so it's one trip.  With gas at the ridiculous price it is I try to cluster my errands.

I'm going to finish up the Bride's shoulder straps tomorrow and bash the grommets into them (ah God, I hate grommets).  I'll be all done with my NHRF prep.  Good thing too, since I have to go set up on Friday.  Can't wait.  If I do well at this Renaissance Faire then I'll start vending at a few more.

I'm putting off working on the sleeves for the Merchant garb that I want to wear to the wedding until next week.  I don't need it until that Saturday so, no rush.

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