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Monday, April 30, 2012

What I did today

or...More Princess Hats and sewing the stomacher.

We'll start with the Princess hats.  The red ones have their veils and the yellow ones are decorated.

Now on to the stomacher.  Here is where the spiced orange silk comes in.  The purple brocade is on the back and the silk is on the front.

I'm stiffening it with a heavy fusable interlining. 

Stuffing the stomacher 
I set the iron on the cotton setting and ironed the stomacher brocade side up.  There is a bit of hand sewing left to do then it is complete.  I'm going to fasten it on with pearl headed pins.

I need to put the grommets in the bodice then put the whole outfit on.  There is plenty of brocade and silk to make sleeves, so if I have time between the Bride's bodice and NHRF prep I will make those.  Look for a picture of me in the whole outfit soon.

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