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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Bride's Bodice

First of all, here is the legacy from my day of Bashing grommets on Wednesday.  I circled the bruises that started developing yesterday.  Yes, I bruise very easily.

This is also part of my preparations for NHRF as she is getting married the second Saturday of the Faire.  She wanted a full partial skirt that came down to about her knees attached to the Bodice.  Yesterday, for what ever reason the machine just wasn't cooperating with me.  After over an hour of fussing with it I gave up and decided to try again today.  Today it worked like a charm.  Go figure.

I hemmed the bottom and roll hemmed the sides.  Then I started to gather the top.  By setting the thread tension to Nine and the stitch length to three I got a nice full gather.

I pinned the skirting to the bodice, starting and ending where my Bride indicated she wanted it.  I then went back to the sewing machine and manhandled it through, only having the bobbin jam once.

I'm not going to post a completed picture of this until after the Wedding out of deference to the Bride.  The last thing I have to make is shoulder straps.  She is going to be trying it on tomorrow.


  1. Shaping up well .. enjoying the blog .. please continue to share...

  2. Thank you so much. I enjoy making bodices, well except for the grommets.