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Monday, May 21, 2012

NHRF wrap up and pictures of garb

New Hampshire Renaissance Faire was amazing.  I did very well.  I was thrilled watching all the little girls running around with my Princess hats and playing with my Ribbon Wands.  Here are some pictures of these.

My display table

Items I usually Carry


Tatted chokers, soap bags, wash cloths and pot holders

My booth

A happy customer and her Daddy who is a really good sport (no, he didn't buy the circlet).

Me on opening day

As promised here are pictures of the Bride in her skirted bodice.

This is the Bride and her handsome Groom

Here is me in my 15th Century Merchant attire, minus the sleeves.  The mini top hat is courtesy of Kate from Antika Nueva.

Not bad for a first try.  No sleeves, but it was way too hot for any additional clothing that day.
So, there you have it.  This coming weekend I'll be at Beltaine at A Sacred Place.  Tomorrow I'll start making small "medicine" bags.  Today I rest.

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