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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bodice - Day three

Kat came over on Saturday so I was able to fit her.  I took the straps in a bit because they would rub under the arms (not a good place for that).  I also took the back top down a bit and we needed to shorten it a bit.  What I did was push up the boning a bit and re-stitch the bottom.  I then sewed some muslin on the top so the bones won't slip out.  I trimmed the sides, after taking both in a 1/4" and trimmed the bottom.

I cut the interface that will stiffen the back and the straps.  I have to leave enough room at the outline so I can fold the red top material over and stitch it down.  That way I don't have to use bias tape around the edges.

Tomorrow is cutting the top red material, iron the interface in and sew the top and front seams together.  Then I need to cut the tails, sew them together and stitch to the top.  Set the grommets and she is done.

Here are pictures of my progress so far:

Here is the finished boning channels.  They won't slip out.

cut pieces of interface

these go on the back to add extra support without boning.

Hopefully, more pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bodice - Day 2

Today I got the side seams sewn up and the strip of fabric sewn into place.  I then stitched up the boning channels on each side.

You can see I put one bone at the front, then left a place for the grommets.  I then put the rest of the bones in.

I'm now waiting for the friend to come over for an initial fitting.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bodice for a friend - Day 1

I finally have my sewing area back.  My Beloved moved the "new to us" refrigerator into place and moved the old refrigerator out into the mud room (YAY more fridge and freezer space).

So, I drafted the bodice pattern for Kat from a sleeveless shirt she left for me.  I cut out the back in one piece.  This will be stiffened with fusible interfacing.  I cut the front two pieces and then decided to cut two pieces of lining that I can sew boning channels in, so I don't have to use bias tape and it's muslin so it will be more breathable.  I have 1/4 inch wide, 10 inch long steel spiral boning and a few 1/2 inch wide steel spiral boning I'm using in the very front.  I have a feeling that I'm going to have to take the sides in and cut the arm strap a bit deeper. 

I have to sew the boning panel in and sew the sides to the back and we will be ready for the first fitting.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pants for a friend

I've been working on a pair of pants in a medium weight cotton broadcloth for a fellow crew member.  He gave me a pair of pants that fit him and said "use this as a pattern".  Well, as most of you know, I'm still a novice seamstress, so I took him at his word.  Not a great idea.  The pants he gave me where dress pants made of a very stretchy fabric.

Back to the drawing board.  At this point I took some measurements of my own and started from there.  I basted up the main seams and had him come over for a fitting.  We determined that the waist had to come in a bit and the leg needed to taper a bit, but the fit was good.  Pulled out the basting and sewed up the front pieces together (I used one solid back piece).  Put two square pockets on the outside of the front and put inseam pockets in and sewed them up.  I used what I call a serging stitch.  It is the one that has two lines of stitches with a triangle in between.  I felt better about re-enforcing the seams.

I've also been crocheting snoods and bags like a mad women.

So, now all that is left is the final fitting, then hemming them and putting the grommets in the opening.  I'll get a picture of him in them when they are all done.