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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cat Scratcher

Yes, I know, last you heard I was working on an Elizabethan Corset.  It is all finished except for the fitting.  Well, I had a minor adjustment to make, then I had a medical procedure, then my Mom had a health issue (she is better) and then well...life happens.  Now it is Christmas crunch time so it will have to wait until all the presents are finished.

In the process I got a new cat.  His name is Onyx and he is not quite four months old.  He was born at the end of July.

Isn't he cute
We were up at the PetCo pet care clinic today getting his shots and first checkup.  Afterward we went shopping for a treat.  I was looking at the Scratchers and, honestly, not one of them was worth the money they were charging for them.  They were either too flimsy or too big.  So...

I decided that with an old bit of 2x4, some hemp rope and a hot glue gun I would make my own. 

Here's the beginning
Three hours later and a couple of singed fingertips (I can never use the hot glue gun without singeing myself) I have this.  Not bad, but missing something.

Into my store of Rennie feathers I go.  Some wire and a few jingle bells later and it's finished.

Onyx isn't sure what to do with it yet, but I rubbed some fresh catnip on it and I figure he will get the picture.  It can also hang from a door knob if we want it to.

Once the Christmas presents are done, I promise to get back to the corset.