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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Preparations for NHRF

I know you are all very anxious to see what is happening with the princess hats so here is an update.  The hats are decorated and veiled.  Here is a closeup of a few of the five blue ones.

The five green ones are also decorated and veiled.  Here is the group.

I finished decorating the five red ones tonight.

Oh, and my Bride was over today.  She tried on the interlining of her bodice.  I just have to move the grommets over 1/2 inch on both sides.  We laced her up using the ugly fitting straps.  So, tomorrow while the outer material, a beautiful lipstick red cotton, is being pre-shrunk, I'll move the grommet channel over one and add a boning channel to the side.

I also cut the silk, brocade and interfacing for the stomacher for my Merchant Garb.

Busy day and more to come tomorrow.  Faire season is upon us and I'm very excited.

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