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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How life gets in the way

I have been trying to get my Bodice started and, well, life has been getting in the way.  Every time I start to move in that direction something else comes up that needs to be done first.  The major thing that has been doing this is my website.  I almost have it finished and, if I do say so myself, it is coming along very nicely.  Check it out...www.fairelywellmaid.com.

My tomato seeds are sprouting and I'm going to have to thin them out soon.  No sign of the pepper plants yet, but it's still early.  Oh, and I have found the perfect place to plant the eight Lily of the Valley roots I bought.  I have wanted Lily of the Valley since we moved here.  We had a bunch right by the front door where I grew up and I love the smell of them.  I finally found a set of roots and can't wait until they start growing. Can't you just hear the strains of "Memories"...giggle.

I've had to rethink the additions to my vending tent this year.  I was going to make a new topper, "bump" and sunshade for it made from green and yellow heavy canvas, but right now the cost of that is prohibitive.  So, I'm going to get four king size flat sheets (yay, thrift shops) and dye them the same color.  I'll use three to make the addition to the back, the "bump" and use the fourth to make a sunshade.  I'll treat them with scotch guard so they will be water resistant.  I can sew ties on the side that will attach to the tent frame and loops on the bottom.  That way the "bump" will give me room for a cot, suitcase and food.  When I'm not camping the sunshade will offer me shade and a bit more space and when I'm camping it will be an extra layer of water proof protection.  I'm planning on getting a cheap drop cloth for flooring.  I just have to scrounge up six tent stakes and a pair of wooden poles about six feet.

This Saturday Kate and I are vending at the Spring Coronation down in New Bedford then next week I will need to get my Bodice done so I can get started on Miss Kat's wedding Bodice.    Busy, Busy, Busy.

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