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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

15th Century Bodice

The first thing I did today was pin and sew the armholes.  I had to pull out some of the side seam to make it fit a bit better.

I then sewed the bottom hem and pinned and sewed the neckline.   I had to fudge it a bit at the top as I had already sewed up the shoulder seam.  I may have to hand sew it to neaten it up.

Hemmed bottom
Pinned neckline
This may have to be neatened up a bit.

 Lastly, I sewed the front edges.  The last thing I have to do with this is put on the shoulder caps and put in the grommets.  As I don't have any boning in this bodice, it is going over the Elizabethan corset, I am planning on over sewing the grommets to give added strength and to prevent pulling on the fabric.

Tomorrow shoulder caps.

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