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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Requiem to my sewing machine

My poor Singer Simple sewing machine is gone.  A moment of silence please.

It has been acting up badly for the last few projects.  Odd jams, a squeak that would drive me almost to drink, needles that wouldn't stay in and bobbin issues that were making me have to stop just about every few inches and reload it or fuss with the tension.  I brought it to a wonderful older gentleman who repairs and sells machines.

He was very honest with me.  He said that these Singer machines are all plastic gears and almost impossible to take apart to get them fixed.  He said he would take a look at it and if it was going to be more than $60.00 to fix it, he would call me.  He then recommended a Necchi he had used for $125.00, after carefully questioning me about what I make and how often I work with my machine.  He said that since the Necchi were metal gears it was a real workhorse and would suit my needs.

No, I didn't take his word for it, I came home and did some research.  He was right.  This would be a perfect machine for me.  Got the call from him that my Singer can't be fixed as several of the parts needing to be replaced cannot be because Singer doesn't make them anymore.

OK, so as soon as I can (got some kind of 24 hour stomach thing) I'm going over there to get my new to me Necchi machine.  He said he would put my name on it.  I'm excited about this, as I have to still finish my green bliaunt and at least one chemise.

So, good bye old friend.  You serviced me well and I had a lot of fun learning to sew on you. 

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