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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project List - Corded Petticoat

I have some soft, soft, soft cotton/linen blend that I had washed and shrunk in my fabric stash.  It was just enough for a petticoat with a bit left over.  I'm making this for two reasons.  The first is for those skirts/gowns that I don't want a lot of poof but I would like a bit of shape.  The second is to go over the crinoline for added poof.  So I had to make it large enough to go over the crinoline.  So I put the crinoline on and loosely draped the fabric around and cut. 

Back at the sewing machine I put a 2.5 inch waist band on it and an inch and a half hem.  A piece of rope will go through the hem.  Then, well, I cheated.  I took another length of the fabric and sewed it to the bottom half of the petticoat.  I did this in two pieces do there would be an opening so I could fish the rope through the channels.  I then marked of the rope channels, 1.5 inches for the channel and two inches between.  The rope I'm using is a heavy hemp rope used as a laundry line.

I'll sew up the channels and the seam tomorrow.  Then I'll fish the rope through.

This is the panel of fabric I'm using to sew channels instead of using something like bias tape.
Here is the opening.
The channel markings.  I find that the marking pens and pencils fade way too fast.
Pictures of the finished product tomorrow

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