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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project list - Crinoline

While I was waiting for Scott to come for his final fitting on his pants, I decided to tackle my crinoline.  I decided to use a white cotton petticoat that I had tried to turn into a hope skirt but it just wasn't working.  In retrospect I should have cut open a seam and taken the elastic out of the waistband before beginning to put the netting on.  Ah well, lesson for the future.

I had 10 yards of very wide netting so I did 3 layers of double thickness.  First I hemmed the skirt up so that it was ankle length instead of floor length.  Then I started with the first layer.  I had to put a running stitch through the netting because I don't have a ruffle foot for my machine (yet).

This is me hand ruffling 10 yards of netting.
So, once the ruffling was done I sewed on the first layer.  This was the bottom layer that matched up to the bottom hem of the skirt.

Bottom layer.
The next layer went about three quarters of the way up.  At this point it looked like the petticoat that ate the sewing table.

Lastly came the last layer.  This one went from below the waistband to the hem.  This was actually the worst layer to put on.  Here is why I say I should have pulled the hem and the elastic before starting.  It's not the prettiest crinoline I've ever seen, but it will make my skirts more poofy, especially with a corded petticoat on top.

Looks like a weird ballet skirt.  But no one will see it and my skirts will have more shape.
So, there you go, my crinoline.

My project list now looks like this.

1.   Finish two pair of pants for Scott.
2.   Perfect the pattern for an Elizabethan Corset.  Yes I know I've been talking about this one for a very long time but, it's time has come.
3.   Make Elizabethan Corset for Jenn.
4.   Make corded petticoats.
5.   Make Purple 16th century gown with a non-boned as the corset mentioned above is worn underneath it.
6.   Make Spiced Orange silk stomacher to go with above bodice.
7.   Make Spiced Orange gored underskirt. (Are you noticing the pattern yet)
8.   Make Spiced Orange sleeves, if I have enough material left from skirt.
9.   Make another pair of plain bloomers.
10. Make a pair of pj pants
11. Make a new liner for my work basket.

I'm going to wash and shrink the material for the corded petticoat tomorrow.  I know I'm not doing them in order, but I'm picking the quick projects to do while waiting for the final fitting.

Stay tuned.

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