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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Project list update.

I have a pair of pants cut and partially sewn.  Need Scott to come over and try them on for a fitting.  Have the fabric for the other pair washed and shrunk in the dryer.  I bought the heavy linen, enough for 2 Elizabethan corsets and I picked up the last of the netting for the crinoline.

I'm starting to draw out the plan for the Henry the VII Noble garb.  I also have the fabric and the boning for all the underpinnings.  I've been researching the cut and look, plus been looking at the hats.  I'll be attempting to cover a small top hat to match.  From my research it actually looks like the bodice and the split skirt are one piece.  The skirt is either gored or gathered at the waist to give it the fullness it needs to go over the farthingale (or in my case a crinoline) and a bum roll (not certain about making one of these). 

So the new list looks like this:

1.   Finish two pair of pants for Scott.
2.   Perfect the pattern for an Elizabethan Corset.  Yes I know I've been talking about this one for a very long time but, it's time has come.
3.   Make Elizabethan Corset for Jenn.
4.   Make crinolan and corded petticoats.
5.   Make Purple 16th century gown with a non-boned as the corset mentioned above is worn underneath it.
6.   Make Spiced Orange silk stomacher to go with above bodice.
7.   Make Spiced Orange gored underskirt. (Are you noticing the pattern yet)
8.   Make Spiced Orange sleeves, if I have enough material left from skirt.
9.   Make another pair of plain bloomers.
10. Make a pair of pj pants
11. Make a new liner for my work basket.

I know, the list is supposed to get smaller, not longer.  Ah well.

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