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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Umbrella Cover

I have this sun umbrella that I have started to use at events.  See, I'm a vampire, I flame up in the sun.  I'm very sun sensitive and really hate sunburns.  Well, it's your typical sun umbrella, large and colorful.  This isn't really a problem, except at Renaissance Faires and SCA events.

Parasols are great, but I use a walker most of the time and this means I need both of my hands.  What I do is rope the umbrella base onto my walker and insert the umbrella.  I wanted to make a cover for it because it is a bit jarring to see the colorful, thoroughly modern umbrella at an SCA event.  I didn't, however, really want to spend a lot of time with it.

I took yellow twin sheet that I got at a thrift store and about five and a half yards of emerald green fringe and made it into a cover.  I cut a hole in the top to fit the top of the umbrella and overstitched around the hole.  I trimmed the sheet to a rough circle by draping it over the umbrella.    I had to fill a bit of it with a piece I trimmed off another place.  I hemmed the circle.

Then came adding the trim.  Four and a half hours of hand sewing  and I realized I'm short trim by about a yard.  Crap.  Well there is a part of the cover without fringe.  If I run into the same fringe again I'll get it and fill in.  It's annoying because I thought I had it measured much better than that.  Here it is:

Not my best work, but not bad.

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