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Monday, June 11, 2012

Roman Garb - part 3

...and a correction on terms.  I goofed.  The over dress is called a Stola, the large cover-up is called the Palla.  I guess Stola just reminded me of stole which is another name for a fur wrap.

So, I finished the second Stola and made the Palla.  I was going to do it in the House Vaganza colors, but I didn't have enough purple wool (did have enough leopard print fake fur) so I went scrounging through my fabric bins and found a great length of orange knit that I'm not planning on using for anything else.

For the Stola today I used the dusty blue cotton lawn.  I made it the same way I made the other ones, except that I only had to sew one side up, as I had 62 inch material.  I just slit down the fold for the arm opening.  I could still make the arm holes larger.  Something to think about for the next one.

Here it is with the white on white gauze tunica.

For the Palla, I just used the length of fabric as is, with the minor hemming of the ends.  It will be warm enough for a summer evening wrap up and can double as a blanket if I need an extra one.

Here is the full regalia

Have to work on my wrapping technique.

So there you have it.  Three days of nice hot weather garb and a wrap if it gets colder.  I also have a big, floppy straw hat because, well, I flame up in the sun.

Tomorrow I'm making the cover for my sun umbrella.

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