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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hot Weather Garb - Part 2

The second set of Hot Weather Garb is done.  It is an off white cotton lawn Tunica and a lavender cotton gauze Pella.  Here it is complete

Like the Bog Dress you are pretty much sewing two rectangles together.  The Tunica (under tunic) front rectangle is about four inches wider than the back, that is what gives you the drape in the front of the neck.  This one I made with openings along the upper arm.  I machine sewed the seams so I ended up hand sewing the openings.  Measure down enough for your arm openings then seam the two sides together.  Hem the bottom, sew up the neck line and arm openings and you are done.  A Tunica in just under an hour.

The Pella is basically the same.  I just made the neck opening much larger so it vee'd down more.  I also made the arm openings larger, but in the next one I will make them even larger.  The cotton gauze wasn't as wide as the cotton lawn, so it is a bit shorter.  Still not my favorite silhouette but it is extremely comfortable and very light weight.  A whole weekend's worth of clothing like this will pack down to less than an inch high.  I love complete sets of garb that take about an hour and a half from cut to trying on.

I did complete the second Tunica of the white on white check cotton gauze.  I just sewed up the top seam on this one.  I also cheated and used the selvage edge at the sides so I didn't have to stitch the arm openings to neaten them up.  Hemming was quick.  It took me about 45 minutes to sew this one up.

Tomorrow I will make the Pella of dusty blue cotton lawn and post pictures.  I also want to make a Stola (large shawl) out of some left over purple dyed wool and fake leopard print for a Vaganza Stola.  Oh and a sun umbrella cover from a yellow twin sheet with emerald green fringe.  Busy, Busy, Busy.

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