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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bodice - day 5

All finished except for the grommets (have I told you how much I hate setting grommets).  I sewed the red outer fabric to the liner, taking care not to hit the bones when sewing along the outer edge.  I wanted to sew it in one clean sweep.  HA.  Because of the stiffening of the interfacing and the boning there was no way this was going to happen.  I did get the outer layer folded over the liner so the edges look clean.

As you can see at the very top, I had to slit the fabric a bit to get it around the curves. 

I then cut out the tails and liners for them.  I sewed them together and pinned them to the back, from the center out.  I stitched them on the bottom, then folded the red outer fabric over the bottom to make a clean edge on the front bottom and stitched straight across.  This also saved me from having to tack down, by hand, the seam made by the tails.

Please ignore the garbage bag behind the tails.  It's fabric that hasn't found a home yet.  Ah, fabric stashes.

So, all done except for the grommets (groan).

The reason for the tails:  My friend sword fights and wanted the effect of a skirt in the back without having to wear one and hitch it up.  When she comes to pick it up, there will be modeling pictures.

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