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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

11th Century Bliaunt - Green - Day 1

I've changed a few things on this one.  It's a few inches longer and I have to put a back gusset in along with the two side gussets.  The side gussets are right triangles and the back one is two right triangles that I will sew together.  The fabric is a beautiful dark green cotton.  It is a bit shorter than 4 yards so I had to finagle just a bit.  Hey, no problem, it was free (thank you Kate).

Today I got all the pieces cut out.  Front and back pieces, two bell arms and four right triangle gussets.  The neckline is a bit more square.

I trimmed the neckline and then covered the back top with bias tape.  Then I sewed the shoulder seams together.  I turned the piece right side out and sewed the back neck down.  I then pinned on and sewed the sleeves onto the body.  Not bad considering all I intended to do way cut it out today.


Back of the neck

Arm seam

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