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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

11th Century Bliaunt - Day 3

It is fully sewn up.  I sewed the gussets to one side, went to pin it to the other side and, %$#@, ripped the gusset out because I sewed it on backwards.  Pinned it and sewed it on the right way.

Once I had the gussets sewn the correct way, I pinned the other side up.  It gets a little tricky so I start pinning from the underarm down to the hem.  I pinned both sides and tried it on.  That way, if anything needs to be adjusted, I can do it before it is all sewn up.  I tried it on over a tee shirt so I could judge what it would fit like with something underneath because I will be wearing it with a chemise.  It fit fine so I struggled out of it (yup, pins and all) and went to the sewing machine.  One side all sewn up, including the sleeve seam and that is when my bobbin empties.  I never have that kind of luck.  It usually happens mid seam :).  Re-wind the bobbin and sew the other side up.

Here is the bell sleeve

Here is the full length.
All that is left is hemming the sleeves, the bottom and trimming it out.

Onward and upward.

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