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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spice Orange Gored skirt - Ready to sew

I washed, shrank and ironed the fabric for my skirt.  I had already made one gored skirt, but I had to redo the measurements because, YAY, I have lost weight and am smaller in the waist.  I'm using a 3:1 ratio so the bottom is 3 times the measurement of the top.  I'm using eight gores.  So, take your waist measure and add 4 then divide by 8.  That is the top measurement of your gore.  Multiply that by 3 for the bottom measurement.  Length is from your waist to the floor, taking into consideration any underpinnings you may be using like a crinoline or a farthingale.  Also remember to add your seam for your waistband and your hem.  Once you have the gores cut, round off the corners on the bottom a bit.  It makes hemming a lot easier.

I'm using a set on waistband.  I'm going to make it about 2 inches wide and just big enough to fit my waist because I'm going to use a lace up closing instead of an elastic waistband.  I think it will be less mess around the waist.  I'm going to have the waistband of the bloomers, crinoline, underskirt, shirt, corset and the over gown so I'm trying to eliminate as much bunching as possible.  For the over gown I'm going to have to take a waist measurement with everything else on so it will fit.  That will probably add about an inch to the waist measurement.  Jeesh, you wonder how these women walked around with all this on all the time.

Pictures coming soon.

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