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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Elizabethan Corset - The pattern

This is what I used to generate my corset pattern.   Corset Pattern Generator

I had to tape two leaves of tissue paper together.  Got out my pencil, straight ruler and measuring tape and followed the directions.  Then turned over the paper and started again because I realized I didn't have the whole illustration printed out.  Hint:  Use the small illustration button so it all prints.

Finally got the pattern.

Back of the pattern.

Front of the pattern.
One of the things that isn't intuitive about this is that it is a back lacing corset.  When you cut it you fold your fabric and the front of the pattern goes on the fold.  I have a very heavy linen for the corset and I'm thinking of a lighter cotton for the outer layer and the boning channels.  I have to order a busk as I don't have one.

Cutting and putting together comes next.

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