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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bodice for a friend - Day 1

I finally have my sewing area back.  My Beloved moved the "new to us" refrigerator into place and moved the old refrigerator out into the mud room (YAY more fridge and freezer space).

So, I drafted the bodice pattern for Kat from a sleeveless shirt she left for me.  I cut out the back in one piece.  This will be stiffened with fusible interfacing.  I cut the front two pieces and then decided to cut two pieces of lining that I can sew boning channels in, so I don't have to use bias tape and it's muslin so it will be more breathable.  I have 1/4 inch wide, 10 inch long steel spiral boning and a few 1/2 inch wide steel spiral boning I'm using in the very front.  I have a feeling that I'm going to have to take the sides in and cut the arm strap a bit deeper. 

I have to sew the boning panel in and sew the sides to the back and we will be ready for the first fitting.

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