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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bodice - Day three

Kat came over on Saturday so I was able to fit her.  I took the straps in a bit because they would rub under the arms (not a good place for that).  I also took the back top down a bit and we needed to shorten it a bit.  What I did was push up the boning a bit and re-stitch the bottom.  I then sewed some muslin on the top so the bones won't slip out.  I trimmed the sides, after taking both in a 1/4" and trimmed the bottom.

I cut the interface that will stiffen the back and the straps.  I have to leave enough room at the outline so I can fold the red top material over and stitch it down.  That way I don't have to use bias tape around the edges.

Tomorrow is cutting the top red material, iron the interface in and sew the top and front seams together.  Then I need to cut the tails, sew them together and stitch to the top.  Set the grommets and she is done.

Here are pictures of my progress so far:

Here is the finished boning channels.  They won't slip out.

cut pieces of interface

these go on the back to add extra support without boning.

Hopefully, more pictures tomorrow.

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