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Monday, March 19, 2012

14th century noble garb - Over Skirt

The battle continues.  So far I have my Crinoline, my burnt orange Under Skirt and my Elizabethan Bodice done.  This leaves the Over Skirt, the Bodice, the Stomacher and the sleeves. 

This is about the Over Skirt.  I used the same gore pattern that I used for the Under Skirt, except I only used six instead of eight.  I sewed them together, hemmed them up and trimmed the bottom with this amazing trim I found at Birka.  Black, gold and burnt orange, just perfect.

Isn't that just luscious
I put the waist band on.  I will have to try it on with the corset, crinoline and under skirt to get an accurate measure for the overhang of the waist band.  I made it long so I could do adjustments as needed.

The last thing I have to do on this before trying it on and adjusting the waist band is to hand trim the edges with these amber colored beads I have.  That's a project for the evening while watching TV.

More to come.

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