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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Building Stock and re-arranging my sewing area

I'm vending at the Great North Eastern War in July so I have been working on building up stock.  I also have three projects for friends.  So, I haven't been idle.  One of the problems is I can't sit for very long at my sewing machine.  I finally figured out one of the problems.  I wasn't sitting properly.  I have now switched out the table where my sewing machine is so I'm not hunching.  This should help the pain in my back.

Here is a picture gallery of the stuff I have done so far:

Isn't she cute.  This is a crocheted skunk made for a friend from fun fur (that stuff is evil to work with).

Just over two yards of cording made with my Lucet.  I have six lengths.

A netted hair net modeled by my wonderful friend Jenn

A daisy drawstring bag.  I made three of these.

A blue rose print drawstring bag.  I have two of these.  It is lined with the same fabric.

These are all available in my Artfire store.

I will post pictures of the pants I'm making for a friend and a bodice I am making for another friend. 

Yes, Robin the rumors of a corset is true, but I have to get some of this stuff done first.  I promise to post about it.

1 comment:

  1. You crocheted fun fur...wow! And I say again wow! Evil does not begin to describe it. And what a cute result!

    Very cool stuff- and I won't pester you...just wanted to remind you that you have an adoring public :).