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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tatting Shuttles - Product Review

When I first saw these shuttles, I was excited.  For anyone who does Tatting they know how annoying loading a shuttle can be.  They "click" and it is sometimes hard to hold onto them.  These shuttles have a removable bobbin that makes it, in theory, easier to load.  At about $5.00 easier is nice.

Well, not so much.  Here is the problem.  In order to remove the bobbin you have to flip up these two little tabs on the reverse side.  After slipping and poking myself with various implements, including a pair of needle point tweezers, I was finally able to bend them up with a seam ripper.  Filling the bobbin, putting it back and bending down the tabs is easy.

Here is the other problem.  Because it is thin metal the bending back and forth weakens the tabs.  After only three uses one of the tabs has snapped off.  I'm not happy with this because, well, I expected it to last longer.  It is still usable with one tab, but how long will that last?

It handles OK and I like having the little hook at the top to join picots, but I will not buy them again.  Even though they were only about $5.00 a piece, I want them to last a bit longer without breaking.

Here are my favorite shuttles.  They are Clover plastic tatting shuttles.  Although they are a bit "clicky" to load, they handle very well.  I have had these for over a year and no breaking.  They are small and light and come in a variety of colors (usually two to a pack).  At about $4.00 a pack I am very happy with them.  I bought the top one because I wanted one that looked like cow horn.  This is a bit more period look for me if I'm going to bring them to a Renaissance Faire or Re-enactment (the bright pink and blue (not pictured) just doesn't look right).

These are the ones I will go to again and again.

I also own a beautiful bone shuttle.  It will not work with the size 10 thread I am currently using but feels so wonderfully smooth and silky in my hand that I use it whenever possible.  I would definitely buy another one.

This one was about $18.00.  A bit pricey, but I really love working with it.

This is a silver filigree.  It is larger than all my others and the metal edges can be a bit cutting on the thread. I like working with it, but it's larger size can make it awkward at times.

This one was about $20.00.  I would probably now buy this one again.  I don't "love" it enough to spend that kind of money when there are the Clover plastic that I like better for a fifth of the price.

If you have a favorite Shuttle I would love to hear about it and why you love it.

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  1. I actually own the Boye metal tatting shuttle and I found that with a moderate amount of pressure the bobbin simply pops in and out. Thought I would let you know about my discovery!