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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well, their done.  I got inspired and over did it at the sewing machine, so now I'm in pain from my Fibromyalgia, but I finished them.

It went pretty much as planned, except for a very difficult lesson I learned in fitting pants.  I put the pockets on and sewed up the outside seams then I sewed up the inside seam.  I sewed the fake button placard.  While trying to figure out how to put the placard on, I realized that the pants were too long in the front.  That's when I had a revelation. 

I had been cutting the front and back to the same measurements, that is why they never looked quite right.  So I measured the front rise and the back rise and there is a difference of about eight inches.  Yeah, big difference.  This is when it dawns on me that to get a good fit, I need to measure the front and back different then put them together. 

OK, problem is, I've already sewn up the pants.  So, I fudge the waist band so that I have a shorter rise in the front than in the back.  It's not perfect, but it looks better than previous attempts.

Now I can put a crease in the front of the pant and sew the placard in, making sure not to sew together the waist band.  Thread the elastic cord through and hand stitch the placard over that.  A handful of buttons sewn on and hemmed to about three or four inches above the ankle.  Done.

Here is the few lessons I learned, and they are big ones:

     1.  Measure the front and back separate, using the different rises.
     2.  Work on the shaping of the pant.  Because of the size of my butt I have to have a waist that will go over it if I'm using an elastic waist.  If I'm using button or lacing I have to make sure it will go over my butt.

I'll post pics tomorrow.  We have a dress rehearsal tomorrow and I'll have someone take a picture there.

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