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Friday, September 3, 2010

Slops - Cotton Seersucker

I found a length of thin stripped red/ivory seersucker on sale.  It was enough to make a really baggy pair of Slops for my Pirate Persona (I am a black powder re-enactor).  Here is my original plan.

As you can see, I really can't draw for anything.  I had originally planned to use four pieces (two front and two back).  However, the piece of fabric was plenty wide enough for me to use two pieces, one front and one back.  Forgive me, but I also erased the actual measurements because, well, I really don't need my hip and waist measurements out there on the web.

The plan:

     1.  Pin the pocket pieces on and stitch.
     2.  Run up the outer leg seams and sew around the pockets.
     3.  Sew up the fake button placard.
     4.  Pin a fake seam in front and sew down with the placard in place.
     5.  Sew up the inseam.
     6.  Sew the waist band and hem legs.
     7.  The detail work, sew buttons on the placard.

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