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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a few Miscellaneous things

Today was learn how to clean your machine day.

Having worked with some very linty material, I thought it was time to clean out my machine. I own a Singer Simple. I took apart the bobbin case, there was plenty of stuff in there, lint and a few stray pieces of thread. That was probably what was causing my bobbin thread to clump up on me. Took off the face plate and cleaned out that stuff too.

Awhile ago I bought a Rolled Hem foot. I learned how to use it today by using a scrap piece of muslin and made myself a handkerchief. The foot is a bit fussy to use so I have to say I won't really use it except for veils, handkerchiefs and maybe linen (table cloths and stuff).

I also used up the rest of that terry cloth I bought. As I thought, I got 2 facecloths and 2 hand towels out of it. I may go back up to JoAnn's and get some white. I need a few white hand towels and it seems cheaper to buy the fabric and hem it up.

I want to finish up the sleeves to my Irish dress. Once that is done the next project is my Beloveds Pirate Vest.

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