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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby sweater and variegated yarn

I have to say that, normally, I'm not a huge fan of variegated yarn.  I seldom like the color combination and I don't like the pattern it makes.  However, when my grand-daughter was in utero my Mom gave me a bunch of her yarn stash, among which was a very soft pastel variegated.  I never ended up using it at the time, but now I'm using it.  I am making a Raglan Sleeve Sweater for my grand-daughter. 

I started this because,
     1.  I am waiting for my yarn to make my pirate socks to come in.
     2.  I don't have any other project going right now.
     3.  I have this pattern for a top down 18 to 24 month size sweater that looks interesting.
     4.  Miss Kira is going down to see her Daddy, who has been at sea for over 6 months, and she has this very cute short sleeve sweater dress that needs something to warm it up and give it a little color.
     5.  I absolutely cannot exist without some kind of craft project going.

Here it is in progress.  I love the raglan sleeve.

Close up of the cable and garter stitch edge.

color variation.  I like the cloud effect it gives.

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