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Friday, January 7, 2011

Knitting Mitts

I always have cold hands.  Mittens and gloves are great, but you can't do much around the house, let alone knit or type, with them on.  I've noticed mitts are very big this year.  I had some left over fingering weight mossy green yarn from making my Dad a pair of mittens last year for Christmas.  For his mittens I used three strands, for these mitts I used one strand.  They weigh about an ounce.  It's a great way to use up some small stash yarn.

I like the fact that they are long.  Warm wrists and hands.

You can see the lacy detail here.  The thumb is finished with a crocheted picot.  I didn't do that on the hand, but may if I make them again.

My next project, knitting, is a Basket weave shawl like I made Jenn for Christmas.  I fell in love with it while I was making it for Jenn, so I got a purple yarn for mine.  Sewing wise, I'm going to alter my red wool blend kirtle because, YAY, I lost weight since I made it so it needs to be taken in.  I'm thinking of making it lace up the front.  Plus, I want to square the neckline.

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