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Monday, August 2, 2010

1/2 sleeve summer shirt - Day three

I got the ruffles pinned and sewn on.  Wow, I'm going to have to re-think the ruffled petticoat I've been thinking about.  Not hard just really time consuming.

Then came the setting on of the sleeve.  Until now I've only done drop shoulder sleeves or a simple Tunic type sleeve.  This time I wanted the shoulder seam to be at my natural shoulder.  I had cut out the sleeve as a large rectangle.  When I pinned the sleeve to the body I realized that to fit it in properly I was going to have to trim the top of the sleeve to an angle.  So, I sewed the top of the sleeve to the body then pinned it to the sides.  I sewed it up and trimmed the excess.  It was a bit cumbersome but it looks right.

My Granddaughter is visiting this week, so the rest may have to wait.

Happy Gamma!

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