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Friday, January 22, 2010

Kirtle Finished

It's Done!

Today I hemmed the sleeves, put the trim on, trimmed the neckline and hemmed the skirt.  I used the trim to close the neckline a little more.  I stitched the bottom of the trim to the cut edge of the neck and ran a double line of stitching around.  This will keep the trim in place and help protect the cut edge of the fabric from fraying.  The trim makes a bit of a stand up neckline.  I'm very happy with the way it came out.

I decided to do some decorative stitching on the hem as I was a bit short of trim.  I used the remaining trim as a period belt.  9th century celtic women didn't have belts with metal fixtures, they were woven.  The trim is wide enough to work.

This is the trim I used.

 The decorative stitching at the hem is using the ruching stitch on my machine.

Lessons I've learned on this:

1.  It is easier to cut off extra fabric than to add fabric once it is cut off.  MEASURE TWICE!  The neckline would have been much easier if I had done this.

2.  Get extra trim!  I never seem to have enough.

To round out the Celtic look I have a 3 yard piece of plaid in cotton that I'm going to wear over one shoulder, under the belt, then spread out on the bottom like a skirt.

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