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Friday, October 30, 2009

Simple things sometimes take longer than they should

I was just making a simple tunic for Halloween.  Simple black cotton with lace on the sleeves.  It should have only taken me about an hour.  Should being the operative word in that sentence.  Here's what happened.

1.  Wrapped fabric 1 1/2 times around my chest and cut.
2.  Measured my upper arm circumference and added 1.  Cut two pieces of that width.
3.  Folded the tunic part in half then in half again.  Folded the sleeve pieces in half and lined them all up at the non-folded edge with the upper corners all lined up.
4.  Cut out a triangle on the lined up corner measuring 1/2 my upper arm circumference plus 1.  Go through all layers.

5.  Sew up the one seam on the larger piece, long wise.
6.  Sew up the seam on the sleeve pieces, long wise.
7.  Here is the tricky part.  Sew the upper cut line of the sleeve to the upper cut part of the tunic (where you cut out the triangles).  If I can figure out how to, I will post drawings.  It makes sense if you see it done.
      Here is where I ran into trouble.  The first sleeve went on no problem.  The second one went on INSIDE
OUT twice!   Grrrr.  After having cut it off twice I pinned the bloody thing on, then sewed it up.
8.  Roll over the neckline, this will include the top of the sleeves, and put in an elastic.
9.  Hem if you have to.  I left it long and used the selvage edge as a hem.
10.Cut and hem the sleeves.
11.Hand sew lace onto the sleeve.

OK, so first thing is that it's my fault for not pinning the stupid sleeves on in the first place.  Second thing is sewing black lace on black fabric is eye burning.  Now I know why old time seamstresses went blind doing that.

I also kind of steampunked up an old felt hat I had hanging around from the '80s.  I found some black net with red Jolly Rogers on it.  I bought some fabric rose buds (black, green/black, yellow/black, orange/black).  I also used an old brooch I had.

1.  Wrap net around the hat and gather in front and back with a few stitches.  I left enough for a veil for Halloween, I'll pull it up for Faire.
2.  Fasten brooch on front.
3.  Remove flowers from the stems and poke holes in the base.  Run wire through holes and fasten around back train.

So, for about $17.00 in materials and a few things around the house I have new stuff for Halloween (and garb for next season LOL)

I'll post pictures of me in full rig from Halloween.  Here are pictures of my hat.

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